In occasion of the 40th year of Motorshow, a restyling was required in order to underline the management change that after 39 years was bringing back the entire organization of the event to Bologna Fiere. Our designing choice wanted to put the car in the spot: a "democratic" project where the space and the communication dimension could be equal for all the vehicles exposed, from the hatchback to the dream-car. A car show thought for the audience and to make immediate the perception of vehicles without the emphasis of the "exposition architectures" with their protagonism that many times is at the expense of the exposed product. A place in which you can move easily and where the knowledge and accessibility of the cars can be total.



All the communication system has been thought at the top so that it is not covered by visitors passing by, and to create an immediate identification of the exposition area of the single car model. We have therefore create a format to propose equally to each car manufacturer where few installation elements, combined, form the exhibit frame for each car and their sum generates the space dedicated to each brand.

Each car has in endowment an "exhibit kit" made by footboard, a double identification parenthesis on the floor, a characteristic door and a lantern. Each stand has also in endowment entrance portals, storage rooms, meeting rooms and info desks and merchandise spaces if required.
The footboard is of only 4 cm of height, made of white glossy lacquered wood; the entire perimeter lowers softly to 0 quote to consent the accessibility. The dimension on plan is such to allow the necessary space to easily move around the car. The parenthesis recall the marks on the floor that define the departure grid of car competitions and mark the position of the car exposed customizing the color according to each brand.

The lantern is the element intended to welcome, on each vertical side, the identification graphics of each model, but mainly it's the synthesis of the research of lighting system. A system which purpose is to spread the light in the most uniform way possible, in order to bring out all the elements of the vehicle.

car manufacturers have totally agreed with this approach. The 70% of the car market has taken part to the event. The "democratic" project involved 40 car manufacturers in a surface of 16.400 sqm and 306 cars exposed, while the entire surface of interiors distribution areas and the exterior test drive areas reach 140.000 sqm.