Athenaeum Comprital Milano

A place has no borders if its story keeps staying within the people who lived it and walked through it. Atheneum is a place that tells a story, a story about passion and about an idea that modelled and shaped spaces. A place to live and to bring in our luggage of memories.

Athenaeum Comprital

Year 2014

A year ago I remember having entered for the first time in an anonymous office building like many others can be found in every city; a central corridor and a succession of doors to the right and left to open on undifferntiated rooms. Today, when I went out for the last time, the door I left behind enclosed an emotion, a drawing and the participated sign left by many.
I drew a space very open, permeable and luminous. I loved the idea to make the entire building live in a single volume made by parts seamlessly and where activities could find the correct functionality in non-isolated areas. That could be contamined by the presence of the near activities. I wanted to integrate visually each ambience, trying to separate with glass walls that wouldn't delete the whole dimension of the building. Also the two planes vertically bind themselves in visual and perspective leaks that cross not only the heights but also the materials like the floor of a glass bridge that wants to show the lightness and transparency that connects every room.

And then the color touches the surfaces and the furnishings. A color that originates from the raw materials that make ice cream and the taste to match them. Each environment lives on a color code that is delicately spread without the search for protagonism.
The space then contains trees. Trees witnesses of a true and interpreted nature. There is no point in the building from which there is no contact with nature or its symbolic transmigration. And so also corten iron is molded into a trunk and branches to witness the design of a nature that lives solidly and grows like in the roots of the company.
Behind that door I know I left a small mark in an architecture and a great place to experience emotion, beauty and taste in the name of ice cream