The new unit of measure of human activity to create new ambiences within ambiences. A living multifunctional cell to equip at will, thought for public and private service, indoor and outdoor.

Thought and designed by Paolo Maldotti for Tisettanta.
NU.OVO is furniture-container egg-shaped capable of containing inside whole domestic spaces. It's divided into eight cloves, six of which are fixed and two are movable, able to open and "twirl" around the fixed structures thanks to a rotation system. The cloves are assembled and fixed on a metallic base resting on the ground thanks to eight adjustable feet; lifting the feet the egg can be easily moved on its wheels.

NU.OVO allows to insert new functions within places, hotels, open spaces and lofts, all without building masonry interventions.
It's collocated into buildings with its harmonic shape and dialogues with every type of furniture. The coating surface isolate it from the context and also let to create a hygrometric control unit contributing to a big energy saving in climatization of spaces granting the best comfort.

NU.OVO creates new functions in beaches, pool sides, golf courses and resort exteriors. The movable part allows, rotating, to modulate automatically light and shadow; covered by photovoltaic cells it becomes a system that produces energy the whole year.
Completely coated it becomes a shelter from cold and rain, while in summer can be a closed bedroom, closed by a mosquito net to live night in contact with nature.